Wednesday, November 11, 2009

PLN 22

In the article "Put Forth Our best Writing Selves" by Douglas Hesse is important because it shows that young peoples writing is becoming worse because of blogs such as twitter, facebook and even texting, these are things that help us express the way we feel toward the world and things that happen in our society.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

PLN 13

Being in an all boys L.A. class that uses laptops all the time has made me a different writer. I think it is easier to write with a pen and paper but everybody is a different writer, some people might think it is easier to write using the laptops. Computers are somewhat complicated having to save move all the time is annoying. Also I am used to writing by hand so I am a better writer that way but I am willing to learn to be a better writer on the computer. The computer can be a very useful tool though searching things and spell check is a life saver and the writing reviser gives you almost instant feedback on what you should improve in your writing. Even though I like writing by hand I can become a good writer by keyboard if I keep using the computer and that could benefit me in the future.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


New York police without the FBI have invertadly helped blow the surveillance of a terrorism suspect and compromised a bomb plot investigation at a sensitive stage by questioning an imam about him, a criminal complaint suggests."They came to ask me about your characters," the Muslim religious leader, Ahmad Wais Afzali, told Najibullah Zazi in a secretly recorded Sept. 11 telephone conversation. "They asked me about you guys." at least one of the new york detectives was reffered to during the criminal complaint. the complaint also suggest that investigators may have tipped off Zazi. thhis is why america is targeted by terrorist because all the police and politicians can be paid off.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Tarzan a member of the Cripple Creeks storied donkey herd was found after two weeks of missing. He ran away after Sweat Pea another donkey was shot. After 2 weeks a farmer 5 miles out of town called and said that a donkey was hanging around with his horse. Jan Collins director of the Cripple Creek museum said that sweat peas injury was deliberate and that every one likes the donkeys and that they have been around for so long that its "like slapping your grandma around if you hurt them". I think this is ridiculous because who would hurt a want to hurt a donkey they don't even do that much.


In Broomfeild a dog leaps from his car to attack a women. the women said that when she went to get in her car that she heard a terrible barking and she looked back and the owner of the dog was backing out and the dog must have steped on the automatics window button. The German Shepard mastiff mix attacked the women bitting her on the thigh and the elbow leaving fang marks the owner was issued a summons for the viscous dog. This wouldnt happen if people would train their dogs.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


The annual Chat field ballon festival has been closed permanently due to the cost. The festival director say that the park manager would not renegotiate the contract from 55000 down to 45000 which drove the festival into the ground. the park director said the fees from the festival organizers cover the costs to the park. She said that if you include the staff time and the work by park volunteers who prepare for the festival and cleanup afterward, the parks make a little money but over all they almost break even. i think that if the festival raised their prices a little they would be able to pay for their expenses.


The thing that really matters in these articles is that women are starting to take over the majority of the graduating classes in high school and college. This isn’t surprising because guys tend to slack off more than girls. I get side tracked kind of easily and I know that it’s hard to get back on track sometimes. but if i try hard enough i can get back on track. if all the guys in college read that artical then i think that they would step up and meet the expectation.